SugarDoh Workshops

Escape, CREATE & TAKE... a yummy Sugardoh cake

SugahDoh's Cake Night Out

 Real talk: I've been there. You live that "BUSY" life, no time for yourself but you're doing everything for everyone else! You feel guilty you haven't spent quality time with your kids or even had a nice night out with your girls!! Truth is, we all need a little down time. A time to get a little break, maybe a little creative therapy to de-stress from the craziness of life! You need to give yourself a sweet TREAT! 

Now imagine this, you make plans for one night that you can enter in a world of FUN, remember that? So here's what I do for you. I bring you a sweet treat class... yes because who doesn't love SUGAR?! You don't have to remember ANYTHING on your way out of the door. You don't even have to have experience in cake decorating! Imagine surprising your kids with a class where they can pretend they are a CAKE ARTIST for the night - like the ones they see on TV?
Ok I don't need to hear anymore, I want to purchase my ticket!

At SugarDoh, we believe everyone has an ARTIST deep down inside, just dying to get out! And the best part of this creative experience is that your canvas is a pre-baked cake! (NO STRESSFUL BAKING - we do that for you!)

You don't need to bring a THANG! We provide cake, buttercream and our speciality - SugarDoh (or what others call FONDANT :) ) You will be led through a HANDS-ON workshop by an expert instructor! Everyone leaves with a cake (or cupcakes)  they can brag about AND feeling like they got a little sugar-therapy!

First we decorate - then we DEVOUR!! mmmm mmm mmm...  #IOnlyCameForTheCake

Here's what you should do next - did you know we have open workshops all over town in Maryland - DC? So you should take a moment to visit our calendar to attend a workshop near you!

AND............It gets even better, you can host YOUR OWN SugarDoh CAKE workshop! We can work with you to set up the perfect private party, birthday party and even a FUNDRAISING event!