SugarDoh Workshops

Escape, CREATE & TAKE... a yummy Sugardoh cake


Fundraising events with SugarDoh can be a fun and unique way to raise money for your cause. You choose the theme and we will work with you on the perfect design for your group!

All guests will leave with 6 decorated cupcakes.The event includes instruction for icing the cupcakes in buttercream and fondant techniques to design cupcake toppers! 

There is NO BAKING so no kitchen needed.

Each event can host from 25-50 stations  (6 cupcakes/supplies). SugarDoh receives $22 for each station.

Your group will set the amount above the fee from the SugarDoh host.
IE: You ask each guest to purchase tickets for $40, your group will receive $18 per guest.

You secure the place and SugarDoh does the rest!

At your event, you may want to host additional fundraising such as raffles, silent auctions or prices (balloon burst etc.)

A $200 deposit is required to reserve time/date.

Shoot us a message to get started